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Spectacular  coastal views ("720 degrees because you look  around twice")
Excellent photographic opportunities
Penguins, Fur Seals and Sea Lions in their natural  habitat
Natural wildlife breeding colonies
Fort Taiaroa Fortifications (the Rerewahine battery  WWII)
You don't need to  sacrifice comfort and safety for the thrill of the ride.
The Argo takes you places that have never been accessible before.
And while the ground might be rough in places,  the ride certainly isn't.

penguin head

New Zealand Fur  Seals:

New Zealand Fur Seals  live on the rocks and can be seen here day or night, all  year round. From mid to late December you will be treated  to intimate views of the seals, in the privacy of their  own home, nursing their young.

Penguin flip

Yellow Eyed Penguins:

True to its name -  Hoiho, meaning "noise-shouter" - the Yellow  Eyed Penguin's distinctive trill can be heard down on  the beach as they call to each other after a day at sea.


The Gateway to  Natures Wonders:

Just opposite the Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Head is the gateway to one of Otago Peninsula's natural history wonderlands.
Our  love of wildlife and efforts to preserve their natural habitat go back a long way.
And we're dedicated to showing  you around this piece of paradise.


Your Hosts: Perry & Tracey Reid


Taiaroa Head, Otago  Peninsula Dunedin, New Zealand


0800 246  446





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