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The Domino Coincidence


Available for purchase through: Amazon Books; iUniverse Books; Barnes and Noble.

Another contemporary Thriller!  Criminologist and Profiler Rory Calder has been brought back from the cold to unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths of his estranged wife and three children in Cornwall, England.

Hanging onto a thread, he will stop at nothing to understand this unbelievable whirlpool of events. The truth is never what it seems or should be.

Will he ever find it? Swirling around him are the signs of an emerging crime network – espionage – drugs – diamonds and gold – even white slave trafficking! BUT is this all only in his imagination? Who is pulling the strings – and why!


Soft cover     ISBN 978-1-4759-6235-2, Hard cover    ISBN 978-1-4759-6237-6, E BOOK       ISBN 978-1-4759-6236-9

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