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Repairs and Restoration of all makes and sizes of Clocks
Restoration of Antique Clocks and their cases
Restoration of all Mechanical Instruments 

Free quotes given without any obligation and a 12 month guarantee on all mechanical work undertaken.

All our repairs and restoration work are being undertaken by a fully qualified Horologist with a record spanning over 30 years.
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Warranty and Terms

Limited Warranty
Overhauled clock movements are warranted to perform for a period of one year from date of completion of work without defects of material or workmanship with the following exceptions:

Breakage of any springs, weight cables or chains, and damage caused thereby;
Evidence of tampering or alteration to the work performed by the Clock Repair.

Partial repairs are warranted for one year only to the extent of the work performed. Exceptions above apply.

Anyone submitting a clock for repair alleges to be the owner or authorized agent of the owner of the clock .
Cost estimates are good faith estimates based on initial examination of the clock upon receipt. If additional work is required which would add 15% or more to the original estimate, we will requote before the work is done.
Delivery estimates are good-faith estimates based on the lead times in the shop at the time the work is submitted. 
Unless previous arrangements are made, full payment is due upon completion of work. The clock may be retained pending full payment.

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